How to Clean my Chef Whites?

How to clean my chef whites? Chef whites require extra care to keep them white all the time. Chefs can maintain them by treating the stains instant. However it won’t be possible to wash them instant so stain absorbs in a fabric very deeply and dry over the time. Most of the time, chefs are […]

How to Keep Chef Jackets White?

Most of the traditional chef Jackets are made of white. White chef Jacket looks professional all the time. It’s challenging to keep chef Jackets white. White reflects the heat so Chefs feel cool in the hot kitchen. Protection & Precautions: You can protect your whites by wearing extra layer on the top of it. It’s […]

Why should Chef wear Traditional White Apron?

Traditional White Apron is very famous among bakery chef and painters. However, restaurant chefs and Individuals like to wear white Aprons too. It looks more professional and clean. You can bleach your white Aprons without any fear of fading. It is the coolest color to wear when working in the hot kitchen. White reflects heat […]

Why is a chef uniforms important?

Chef uniforms are important to wear in a kitchen environment. Hospitality industry is growing faster these days. Chef works in a hot kitchen from 7-10 hours in a day. They continuously work in a risky environment where spills are common. Professional look/ Style: Chef uniforms help you to look professional. Traditional and modern chef uniforms […]

How do I keep my Best Chef Uniforms new?

Keep your Best Chef Uniforms new and bright with simple care. Chef Uniforms are made from cotton, poly cotton, denim and other blended material. Each material has it’s own characteristics and construction of material. You can keep your Chef cloths soft and new by following few washing instructions.  65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Chef Apparel  Wash […]

What are the properties of Polycotton Chef Jackets?

Polycotton Chef Jackets are popular in the market. What is Polycotton fabric? Polycotton fabric is the combination of Natural fibres and synthetic fibres. People can change the percentage of cotton and polyester. Polycotton material is also called as a hybrid yarn because It has advantages of both materials. Properties of Polycotton Chef Uniforms Polycotton Chef Uniforms […]