How to clean my chef whites?

Chef whites require extra care to keep them white all the time. Chefs can maintain them by treating the stains instant. However it won’t be possible to wash them instant so stain absorbs in a fabric very deeply and dry over the time.

Most of the time, chefs are having a tight shift to change their white jackets. In this situation, chefs can treat the stain in a kitchen. Little care and efforts can save their Chef whites. Here are few steps to remove a stain.

How to remove Wine stain from Chef White Jacket?

  • Pour white wine over the stain area.
  • Soak them in a warm water for 20-30 minutes and then wash & dry white jackets

How to remove Tomato Sauce stain from white jacket?

  • Run cold water over the stain as soon as possible.
  • Apply lemon juice or white vinegar over the stain. Rub for few minutes.
  • Soak into laundry powder & water mixture. Wash in a cold pr warm cycle and dry it.

How to remove blood stain from white Chef Uniforms?

  • Run over warm water or keep the stain moist with a clean cloth.
  • Start processing with soaking, washing and drying steps.
  • White vinegar and carbonated water are also stain removers to remove blood stains.

How can I take care of my Old White Chef Jacket?

Old chef Jackets can loose their brightness and freshness over the time. Due to daily wash, bleach and detergent makes the fabric dull and old. You can recover your chef jacket’s brightens by soaking them in oxygen based detergent for a while.

Don’t use bleach on your chef Jacket. Bleach will make them yellow and fade the color of your embroidery.

Wash your chef uniforms after long hour shift or when you’re feeling sweaty. Sweat bacteria can cause irritation, skin problems and cloth can start turning  yellow easily.

Chef white cloth’s Washing care:

  • Wash your white jackets with other white clothes. Don’t mixup your un like colours together. For example, you can’t load your white chef jacket with coloured shirt or pant.
  • Don’t over load the washing machine.
  • Select warm cycle for washing.
  • Use oxygen based detergent for keeping them fresh.
  • Don’t put them in a dryer before inspection. Check for stain and dirt of the garments. If the stain is still present then wash them again before dryer use.
  • Avoid using too much detergent for washing because it won’t allow your Chef clothes to be rinsed and cleaned properly. It can leave the detergent marks on the material.

Chef White Drying suggestions:

Most of the Chef uniforms are made of Polycotton material. Never dry your chef clothes in a high heat. Heat can damage the natural fibres and weaken the material.

Dry your chef uniforms with lowest temperature setting. If you want to avoid wrinkles than hang your Chef clothes directly after dryer.

This article is written by our Analyst and is based on their research and independent review.