Most of the traditional chef Jackets are made of white. White chef Jacket looks professional all the time. It’s challenging to keep chef Jackets white. White reflects the heat so Chefs feel cool in the hot kitchen.

Protection & Precautions:

You can protect your whites by wearing extra layer on the top of it. It’s easier to stop damaging your chef uniforms than clean the stain later. Spills and accidents happen in a kitchen more often. Apron protects your chef uniforms from deep stains and protect you from hot utensils.

Extra Pair:

Keep the extra pair of your chef jackets for an emergency situation. If you feel sweaty after your work hours then you have to wash your Chef Jackets. Sweat chemical can break or damage the material of your Chef Uniforms Australia. Having an extra pair will give you relief from tension.

Avoid Chlorine bleach:

Bleach can tear the material and fade the stain. Regular beach usage on Chef clothes can reduce the durability and lifespan of your Chef clothes. Use breathable washing powder to remove the stain.

Take action immediately:

Another way to keep Chef Jackets white by treating the stains as soon as possible. Keep it moist by putting your stain part under the warm water. It will minimize the risk of damaging. You can easily take care of wine or oil stain by treating them immediately.

Washing care:

Wash white chef jackets with white clothes and separate from other colour clothes. Soak them completely in a warm water so, stain can come out very easily. Don’t use the dryer until you inspect chef whites. If you put stained cloth in a dryer then stain won’t come out easily.

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