Polycotton Chef Jackets are popular in the market.

What is Polycotton fabric?

Polycotton fabric is the combination of Natural fibres and synthetic fibres. People can change the percentage of cotton and polyester. Polycotton material is also called as a hybrid yarn because It has advantages of both materials.

Properties of Polycotton Chef Uniforms

Polycotton Chef Uniforms have combined properties of Polyester and Cotton. Some main properties of the poly cotton material are as below.

  • It’s Wrinkle resistance like a Pure Cotton.
  • It has Strong and durable material quality.
  • This material is Breathable and non-allergic due to Natural fabric.
  • It doesn’t require much iron Because it shrinks a less.
  • Poly-cotton material has a Colour resistant property. It can hold the colours for longer  time.
  • It is Cheaper than 100% cotton material.
  • You can do regular washing of chef uniform Without worrying  about the losing a quality. It is long-lasting Material.
  • Company can easily to embroider the logo without damaging the chef clothes.
  • Light weight and Comfortable Chef clothes are suitable for your long working hours.
  • Polycotton Apparels are softer and more flexible.
  • It has a tear resistant quality.
  • It keeps you cool in a hot kitchen and keeps you warm in a cold condition.
  • Polycotton uniform dries quickly than pure cotton material.


Poly-cotton uniforms are made of different percentage of cotton and polyester. A most common combination of polycotton is 65% polyester & 35% cotton. Other combinations are 80/20, 85/15 and 40/60. People can customize the variation according to their requirements. It has the qualities of cotton and polyester. It is a most common matter to make chef uniforms.

This article is written by our Analyst and is based on their independent review. In this article, we’ve covered some Properties of Polycotton chef clothes.