Why Chef Apparels are Made from Poly-Cotton Material?

Hospitality Industry is growing faster than expected in the past few months. Many people started to follow their passion as a chef in this Industry. Pure cotton, Polyester and poly-cotton materials are popular for making apparels. Chefs need to work in different working conditions. In their busy life, the comfort of work is the main concern for all. In this article, we’ve covered the main aspects of Polycotton material. Why chef apparels are made from Poly-cotton material?

Strength of Polycotton Material

Most of the chef uniforms are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Few uniforms are made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

Polycotton material has positive characteristics of polyester and cotton. As a result, it has more strength than others. It is strong like cotton. It can be easily sewed with the needle. Many people want their restaurant/ café logo on their Chef Uniforms. Anyone can design embroidery work on this material without damage.

Ease of Working with Polycotton Chef apparels

Polycotton material can easily retain the shape of chef Attire. It could bare the hard-commercial laundry wash. Chefs work in a fast-paced environment and that involves the risk of tear. Poly-cotton material is durable and more tear resistant. Polycotton shrinks less and maintains quality. It can be easily washable more often by hands.

It has color fade resistance property so it can maintain the color strength. Long lasting life of chef apparels could help chefs to work longer without worry. The durability of poly-cotton material is higher than 100% Polyester.

Safety with Polycotton Material

Chef work with the hot flame and pans all the time. The proximity to hot surfaces, boiling water, hot oil, and flames make condition critical. Spills and accident can happen anytime. Burns are the third most common type of injury among the hot kitchen environment.

Due to their work environment, they need to be alert for safety while working. Polycotton material doesn’t stick to the skin. Thus, it can be a barrier to their skin layer.

Comfort with Polycotton Material

Chefs are working in the kitchen’s hot condition. Everyone can easily feel hot in 100% polyester material. Polycotton material has the coolness property because of cotton blended material. A mixer of polyester and cotton make the material softer and comfortable. It’s better suitable for indoor areas.

Cotton has a hypoallergenic property which could avoid causing allergies and skin irritation. Polycotton has Breathable quality of the fabric and it makes ultimately perfect for all-day comfort.

Cost of polycotton chef apparel

Polyester is cheaper than cotton. Polycotton chef apparels are not cheap nor expensive. Polycotton blends need less energy to dry. It saves the dryer cycle time compare to pure 100% cotton materials clothes.

Polycotton has a wrinkle free characteristic due to polyester bland. It requires to do less ironing compare to pure cotton material.

This article is written by our Analyst and is based on their independent review.