Keep your Best Chef Uniforms new and bright with simple care. Chef Uniforms are made from cotton, poly cotton, denim and other blended material. Each material has it’s own characteristics and construction of material. You can keep your Chef cloths soft and new by following few washing instructions.

 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton Chef Apparel 

  • Wash separately before use
  • Cold gentle machine wash/ Hand wash
  • Cool rinse and reduced spin to avoid creasing
  • Wash with white clothes (white jackets), Wash Aprons with similar colours
  • Don’t soak
  • Do not use bleach
  • Eliminate Tumble Dry
  • Don’t need to hang in direct sunlight. Dry in a shade
  • Luke warm Iron.
  • Put a piece of silicone or greaseproof paper between product and Ironing board to avoid risk of print damage
  • Less shrinkage rate 1-2%

Extra care information (Polycotton)

  • Apply stain removal directly on stains, if required
  • Don’t use bleach to remove stains. Bleach can weaken the natural fibres and turn into yellow
  • Wash the Polycotton clothes with similar colour clothes

100% Cotton best Chef Uniforms

  • Do not soak
  • Don’t hang in direct sunlight to maintain the quality of the natural fibres.
  • Do not Tumble Dry
  • Wash separately before use to avoid stains spreading.
  • Do not bleach
  • Warm gentle machine wash
  • Wash with similar like colours
  • Warm iron
  • The material can shrink until 2-3 washes so be careful with the size selection.

Extra care information (Cotton)

  • Wash in cold or warm water. Don’t wash in a hot water as it shrinks the material. It can damage the natural fibres.
  • You can wash in a normal wash cycle with regular detergent.
  • Remove the clothes immediately after washing and drying to avoid wrinkles.

80% Polyester, 20% Cotton best Chef  Wear

  • Do not bleach
  • Don’t wring
  • Eliminate dry cleaning 
  • Do not leave wet garments in a machine after wash
  • Cold wash separately
  • Do not Tumble dry
  • You can use Cold iron or put a piece of silicone or grease-proof paper between product and Ironing board (Must be required)

Cotton Canvas Aprons 

  • Wash in a cold water. Don’t wash it more than 30c.
  • Don’t tumble dry in hot air. Tumble dry low.
  • Do not hang in direct sunlight to maintain the quality of the natural fibres.
  • Warm iron. Don’t use too much hot iron
  • Use stain removal directly, if required

Cotton Denim Workwear

  • Tumble dry
  • Machine wash or hand wash in cold water
  • Use medium warm iron
  • Wash separately or similar colour clothes
  • Try to use liquid detergent to avoid the stain from leftover detergent parts.
  • Soak them for 15-20 min and rinse it well.

This article is written by our Analyst and is based on their research and independent review. Above steps will help you to maintain your best chef uniforms in their highest quality.